About Me

Welcome to my site. My name is William. I’m a nature lover and horticulturalist. I love taking pictures of nature. I’m also an 8 year Army veteran and currently a full-time student. Life is a journey and an adventure. My life hasn’t been a straight shot. I developed a love for the outdoors thanks to my step-dad. He taught me how to fish, and took us camping up in the mountains of Colorado. He was a Vietnam veteran. It’s funny, because he never told me any stories about the Army until I came home from Afghanistan. Even then, he only had two stories he would share about his deployment. He was a grumpy old man. When I finally read, The Old Man and the Sea, it reminded me of my step-dad. At 80, he was out in the yard, oxygen tank strapped over his shoulder, pushing the lawnmower. His yard was his swordfish. He probably had the biggest impact on my love for the outdoors and horticulture in general.

Thanks to my sister, I found a job training program that put me on track. So, in 2001, I got a certificate in Natural Resources and was able to start working as a forestry technician (firefighter). Fighting forest fires is so much like a military operation. You have the TOC, you have rangers (hotshots), airborne (smoke jumpers), mechanized infantry (tanker crews), and straight leg infantry (type II crews). Coming from a military family, I recognized the similarities. So, I made the decision to join the Army Infantry.

I shipped to basic in 2003. I spent my first 4 years in the Infantry. My goal was to get some field experience and some leadership experience. I got both. But, life also happens and my plans were changing. Originally, I was going to do one contract then go back to fighting wildfires. Then,I decided to reenlist but change my job. So, I retrained to be a light wheeled mechanic. The new contract brought us to North Carolina. After 4 years as a mechanic, I was ready to get out. In 2011, my contract was over. But, my life has never been a straight line. After 10 years of being out of firefighting, they wouldn’t take me back without a degree. So, I went to the community college and got a degree in horticulture technology. They didn’t offer forestry. While I was there, I also got certified for teaching the Landscape for Life course. I also started working in landscape construction then, grounds maintenance.

Ready to lay sod!

Then, we moved to Texas. Now, I am going to a University full-time working on an undergraduate degree in horticulture and turfgrass. And that’s where I stand today. I’m just a guy who loves nature, landscaping, taking pictures, and writing about the green industry. I think I have a unique perspective on many things and I hope you find this site interesting.