Bill’s initiation to the Shamanic path began during his adolescence. At 17 the calling came and he resisted. Due to that resistance, he fought with homelessness and drug and alcohol abuse, into his 20’s. Once he began to embrace his calling, he was able to completed training in Natural Resources in the Bitterroot mountains in Montana. That training led to his first initiation by the spirit of fire. He sent 2 years fighting forest fires across the western US before moving on to initiation by the spirit of the earth.

California 2001

The initiation by earth came through service as an Infantryman with the US Army. Bill is currently in his initiation by the spirit of the air. This initiation began when he survived an F-3 tornado.

He is currently living on the western south plains where he is under the power of the wind daily. The spirit of the air represents knowledge and wisdom. Bill believes that during this time he is being guided to learn. He’s completed a degree specializing in horticulture. Master Reiki certification, and the rites of the Munay Ki.


As this period comes to an end, Bill understands that the spirit of water is now calling to him. Water is life. It can be a healer. Bill believes that this next initiation involves him practicing the healing arts the spirits have shown him. Life is a journey and this is his journey so far.



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