I come from a basic American family. My ancestors immigrated here from all over Europe. We are mostly Protestant. I was raised in the Methodist church. But I never fully bought into the theology. I’ve always been interested in religion especially the spiritual aspect. One critique I’ve developed to modern Protestant faiths is the lack of mysticism and spirituality. Another critique I have is against the story of Adam and Eve getting kicked out of the garden of Eden because they ate from the tree of knowledge. I disagree with the premise that god would punish humanity for having knowledge. Further, I question what kind of god would do such a thing.

From this perspective, I have spent my life trying to find a better spiritual path. Along the way I’ve grown interested in learning my ancestral pagan roots. While many modern spiritualists, in the United States, look to native Americans for guidance in pagan (animistic) practices, I recognize that Europeans also had animistic practices, before they were converted to one of the major world religions. To honor the traditions of local native cultures and those of my ancient European ancestors, I seek to understand the European animistic beliefs.


This blog is the result of my research and years of contemplation. This project is ongoing. I’m constantly learning new information. My goal is to discover fundamental concepts related to many animistic (or pagan) traditions and to apply those to my own spiritual practice.

I’m using the terms pagan and animistic interchangeable because paganism may be better understood than animism. But, generally paganistic practices are animistic. Animism is a belief that most things have a spirit and agency (can act for themselves). This belief is fundamental to most local traditions and is the natural way of thinking for humanity. Animism is a major part of my research.

Floral Wreath

Besides that, I’m also interested in metaphysics. In metaphysics, I’m interested in vibrations and consciousness. I think vibrations are a missing aspect to our common understanding of actual physics. From that perspective, I think it’s interesting to consider the role of vibrations on the etheric plane. This assumes that the soul or spirit is something tangible in some sense. I do think the spirit is something tangible in some sense and I think consciousness is key to that tangibility. I think consciousness creates a tangible spirit.

Beyond that, I think it’s worthwhile to put these ideas to the test. From time to time I practice rituals with the intent to make changes to my environment. I also practice contemplative meditation. I’ve noticed the most success from meditation. Where I read and study then use practices to enter a trance to assist the synthesis of the new information. This practice has helped open new avenues of thought and understanding.


I am by no means a spiritual guru. I write to share what I believe is relevant and informative information and experiences to like-minded people. My goal is to explore these topics and to cause critical thinking in my readers. I think we’re in need of new spiritual practices and I’m searching for them. I think I’m not the only one. I hope you enjoy this blog and that it helps you develop your own, personal, spiritual practice.




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