About Me

Welcome to Hearth & Earth!

Bill is the creator of this site. He is a shaman of the Munay Ki tradition. He’s also a Master Reiki healer. Bill’s practice follows a Gnostic worldview. Through the ancient theology of Gnosticism Bill is able to weave the beliefs of a luminous being, present in the Munay Ki, Reiki, and Christian Gnosticism. In this form Bill is able to perform healing and other psychic feats.

Bill specializes in distance Reiki healing and psychic surgery. He is also able to perform cleansing’s and remove attachments. Bill is willing to do spell-work under the right circumstances.

If you’re seeking distance psychic healing Bill has a few rules before he will agree to treatment. First, a patient must agree to seek professional medical treatment. While psychic healing works, it works best when used as a compliment to traditional medicine. Second, the patient must agree to allow Bill to perform psychic healing. Bill doesn’t charge for healing but donations are appreciated!

Cleansing’s and removal of attachment also require the seeker to agree to allow Bill to perform the rituals. It’s impossible to cleanse a person or space, or to remove an attachment if the seeker doesn’t fully accept their responsibility in pushing away the bothersome force. Bill charges for these services based on a case by case basis- donations are always appreciated.

Any requested spell-work comes with a price.

Selfie at Penitente Canyon

Besides the listed services, Bill also sells art. Please check out some of his creations. He is interested in created ritual objects so, if you would like him to create a ritual object, get in contact!

For all requests contact Bill at: religiousfreelancer@gmail.com