Prairie Falcon on stick

This is one of my first attempts at drawing this bird. The original is done in soft pastel on watercolor paper. One of the interesting characteristics I noticed about this bird is the way the neck, under the jaw, comes up and creates a little depression. I enjoyed that little detail and learning something about identifying the bird in the field.

Prairie Falcon


Prairie Falcon on stick

Prairie Falcon on stick 16 x 20″ print


Black and White Prairie Falcon

This is literally, simply, a black and white version of the color version. I wanted to try the drawing this way as a way to practice setting the tones.

Falcon in Pencil B


Black and White Prairie Falcon

Black and White Prairie Falcon print 16 x 20″


Prairie Falcon on fence post

Soft pastel on 16 x 20 art board.

This one is my favorite so far. It’s also the most “liked” on Facebook, of the 3. In this picture I wanted to capture the intensity of the straight on stare. I wanted to capture the intense focus of the bird. It’s looking at something. Is it you?

Prairie Falcon on post-2

Prairie Falcon on post

Prairie Falcon on post 16 X 20″ print.